It’s really not easy to hear whats coming out of the iPad 2 speaker always. When you are sitting in your sofa, lying in bed or watching a movie on the iPad while it is nested on the Smart Cover. Lots of times it would be nice to move the sound up to the front. Enter Soundsnap. It easily fits onto the bottom of your iPad 2 and moves the sound closer to where you need it to be – your ears.

Using a soft coated plastic material, the friction holds the Soundsnap in place. You can even use it while charging the iPad, and when the Smart cover is on.

Currently this is a concept – but I am working on acquiring some prototypes, then we will see if I can make it a reality soon enough!

2012-03-04 UPDATE: I have acquired a prototype 3D print from Shapeways. It works great. Now I am looking into how much it is going to cost to produce this baby.

2012-04-01 UPDATE: I have been working on changing the model to make it easier to manufacture, a small redesign will mean a more simple tool. I have also been working on getting a more deep sound out of the Soundsnap – not only the higher pitches amplified, but also the deeper tones – I am going to order a few prototypes to test the effects.

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