This concept is developed as part of a pitch for Bodum. The concept consists of 3 parts:

Dock, Sleeve and Loud.

Dock is for the iPad. It is made of plastic that is approved for food environments. You can place the iPad sideways as well.

Sleeve is for the iPad too. It is made of a TPE also approved for use in food industries. It has a tight fit and protects the iPad against hot water and food stains. Sleeve can easily be cleaned.

Loud is a DLNA and AirPlay enabled speaker. It is protected by a thin membrane of elastic TPE. This enables the speaker component to pass the sound out through the TPE. The TPE is easy to clean. There’s an On/Off button that controls the speaker.


  1. Manja
    February 26, 2012

    … og købte Bodum det så? – Ellers var de da pænt dumme! Jeg kunne godt bruge en Dock i mit køkken :)

    • msvanegaard
      February 27, 2012

      Nej, de købte det ikke, de har et internt designteam, så de tager typisk ikke imod designs udefra.
      Jeg kunne også godt bruge sådan en ellers!